Homework Tasks


One of the main ways that students use ActiveLearn is for online homework.

Your teachers can assign you exercises from your course as homework tasks. Unlike completing exercises on your own, tasks must be completed by a fixed date.

You can see if you have been set any homework tasks by looking at the circle next to "Tasks" in the top menu bar. The number in the circle shows how many tasks you have been set.




The tasks area shows three tabs.




The Open section shows any tasks assigned to you that can still be completed and have not yet passed their due date.





The "Submitted" section shows tasks that have passed their due date.



The "Archived" section shows your previous tasks that have been archived.


Tackling a Task

To show you how to complete a typical task, we will use an example.

    1. To begin a task, navigate to the Tasks Open section. Either click on the name of the task, or click "Start" on the right of the table.


    2. You will then see the Tasks overview screen, which lists the activities in the task plus any notes from your teacher.


    3. In this example, this particular task has three exercises. To start the first exercise, click on the Start link for that exercise.

    4. You can then begin work on the first exercise in the task.


    5. At the end of the exercise you will a Results screen showing your scores. The score is colour coded:

      •   Red: not many correct (0-34%).
      •   Amber: quite a few correct, but still some work to do (35-70%).
      •   Green: most or all answers correct (71-100%).
      •   Gold: all answers correct (100%) without using hints or learning aids.

      1. If you don\'t get full marks for a question first time, you can usually try it again. Press the blue "Try again" button.
      2. Once you have done the best you can, go back to the Results screen. You can add a feedback emoticon to show how you think the exercise went.
      3. Now click on "Submit score and exit". You will then be taken back to the summary screen for the task.
      4. On the summary screen you can view your scores for each activity in the exercise. If you want to, you can also add feedback.

    6. Now you can either:
      • Save your work so far and exit by pressing the green "Save and exit" button;
      • Do the second part of the assignment by pressing the "Start" button for the second exercise.

    7. When you have completed the whole task, you can add feedback for the second exercise, and also for the task as a whole. Then click "Save and exit".


    8. Once you have completed at least one exercise in an task, your teacher will be able to see your scores.
    9. The task will be submitted automatically at 11 pm on the due date.



If you encounter a technical problem while completing a task, you can report it to Digital Support using the button below. However, because online homework is frequently time-sensitive, we recommend asking your teacher to assign you a new task specifically for any questions that show an error.


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