Importing student data from SIMS

You may want to import student data into ActiveLearn from SIMS.

You can create a custom Excel report from SIMS using the "Design a Report" section in the Reports menu. Include the fields "Legal Forename", "Surname" "Date of Birth", and other fields as required, you can copy and paste this data from Excel into ActiveLearn.

If you export student names and dates of birth from SIMS, you may find that the student names are in a single column, with a comma between the surname and the first name, while the date of birth is in a second column.


You can separate the first and last names into their own columns using Microsoft Excel.

  1. Add a new column between the names and the dates of birth.
  2. Select all the student names.

  3. From the Data menu, click on "Text to Columns".

  4. This will open a pop-up dialogue. Choose the data type "Delimited", then click Next.

  5. Choose "Comma" from the list of delimiters. In the data preview window, the names will now show as separated into two columns.

  6.  Click "Next", and then "Finish". The names will have been separated into two columns.

  7. Before importing the data into ActiveLearn, you should add the headings "Last name", "First name" and "DOB". This will make certain that the data is placed in the correct columns.

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