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ActiveLearn provides an online markbook tool, which replaces older, offline Excel markbooks.

Before you can use an online markbook, you will need to have your students registered on ActiveLearn, and organised into at least one group.

Did you know?

Groups are at the centre of teacher and student organization on ActiveLearn, and online markbooks are based on groups. Learn more about how groups interact with markbooks.




Creating an online markbook

The Markbook area is found under the Reports menu in ActiveLearn:



1. Markbook settings

  1. Select Create a new markbook.
  2. Select the group you want to create the markbook for, and which course you are teaching. From here you can also set the course starting year and course length.

  3. Save and vew Markbook will open the main markbooks screen.
  4. (Optional) If you have scores recorded already in your Excel markbooks, you can upload these to ActiveLearn by selecting the ‘Upload data from offline markbook’ button. See the section below for more details on how to do this.



2. Add assessment results

In your markbook, select Add assessment results, then in the pop-up window find the assessment you wish to add results for, and select Add and enter results. You can filter down to a specific assessment by Type, Year, and Tier.



First, enter the date the assessment was taken, then enter students' scores for each question. You can use the following keys to move the cursor between different data entry boxes:  

      1. Tab/Shift+Tab to move left/right between questions
      2. Up/Down arrow keys to move up/down between students
      3. Enter to move down to next student.

        We recommend entering data per question, rather than per assessment, as this will allow you to identify class strengths and weakenesses in individual questions more easily.

        Alternatively, you can choose to enter just a total score for any assessment, rather than scores for each question. To add results at a test level, use the button in the Mark column on the Add Assessment Results screen:


The markbook will provide a progression step and an indicative GCSE (9-1) grade for each student for the assessment next to their name.


Editing Assessment Scores

To go back and edit students' scores, or to view how they did on individual questions, click on the edit icon for the assessment you want to view. This will take you to the Edit Assessment Results area.




Things to consider

  • If you add teachers to a group, they will see markbooks for that group in the "My Groups" dropdown in the markbook list.


    • Once assessment data is added to a markbook for a student, that data will appear in all other markbooks of the same subject and key stage for that student. For example, if you upload assessment data for a KS3 Maths assessment for Jane Smith, that data will appear in all KS3 Maths markbooks that include Jane Smith.
      • To move a student between markbooks, simply move them to a different group. Their data will follow them to all markbooks associated with their new group, and those markbooks will also be expanded to include any assessments the moved student has taken.


Viewing the markbook report

The markbooks list page shows all of your markbooks. Use the "My groups" filter to choose to see your own groups, or other groups within your school. Click on a markbook name to view the full markbook report.


  1. The full markbook report appears. 

  2. The Course Target column shows with red and gree progress bars how a student is progressing compared to the target step they have been set for the end of the course. The length of each progress bar is proportionate to how far the student is above or below their expected progression rate.

         Green indicates that the student is progressing above their target level.

         Red indicates that the student is progressing below their target level.

  3. The Assessment progress column shows how much progress the student has made between the two most recent assessments. If a student is ahead on progress, their entry will be tinted green. If they are behind on their progress, this entry will have
    a red tint

To view how students performed on individual questions or edit their scores, simply click on the edit icon for the assessment in question.




Different views

You can view your student data in four different ways, using the Views drop-down menu, on the right-hand side of the screen.




1. The Percentage view shows the students’ score in each assessment as a percentage.




2. The Score view shows the actual marks students got for each assessment test.



3. The Steps view shows students’ progress in terms of what step they have reached after each assessment.



4. The Indicative Grades view shows student progress in tems of what grade they are likely to have reached after each assessment, rather than showing steps. The grades are indicators calculated from the step values. 



Exporting and printing

You can export or print data from the markbook report for one or more students. The Export and Print buttons are above the markbook table headings. 


  1. Click on Export to download a data file of the markbook information that will open in Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program.

  2. Click on “Print” to print the information for the students.


You can also export the question-level data for each assessment to Excel.

1. Click on the edit button for the assessment you want to view.


2. From the Edit Assessment Results area, click on the Export button on the right-hand-side, above the results area. 


Setting and changing target grades

Use the Set target button to change or set target steps for your students. 

  1. Select the students you want to set target steps for individually by clicking on the checkboxes next to their names. Alternatively, select all the students within the group by clickign on the checkbox on the top row.


  2. Click on Set target to change the target steps for the students you have selected. 


  3. In the pop-up window that opens, assign or change the target step for each student individually or all students together, then click Confirm


Your students’ target steps are set!

Uploading an Excel markbook

If you already have Excel markbooks, you can upload these into ActiveLearn. 

Please note that the upload process will only work if:

  • you and any other teachers who are using the markbooks are registered on ActiveLearn

  • your students have been set up in the system and provided with Student IDs

  • you have entered the student IDs on the ‘Summary’ tab in the markbooks

  • your markbook has an ‘Upload to ALDS’ tab.

If you need to register for ALDS, follow the instructions on the Registration help page.

To register students, follow the instructions on the Student registration help page


a. Finding User IDs

Before you upload your first markbook, you need to add ActiveLearn User IDs for all your students. The User IDs may already have been downloaded and entered into the markbook on your behalf. If this is the case, you can skip this section.

If this is the first time you have been to this section, you will need to request access from another teacher in your school in order to view student data.

  1. Log on to ActiveLearn ( 

  2. You will be taken to the Library. Click on the Admin tab in the top menu bar.

  3. On the Admin page, choose Manage student details from the left-hand menu.


  4. Use the filters at the top of the page to find your student group. 


  5. Select all the students that you need IDs for. Then Click the button Export selected users.


  6. A file containing information on the students, including their user IDs, is downloaded to your computer. The file can be opened with Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program. 

  7. Next, open your markbook, and go to the Summary Sheet tab.

  8. Open the data table you downloaded that contains the User IDs for your students. Check if the students are in the same order as in the markbook summary sheet. If they aren’t, use the Sort function on the Data tab in Excel to rearrange the students into the same order as in the markbook.


  9. Copy the student User IDs (Ctrl C) from column C of the data table (“uniqueuserid”)


  10. Paste the IDs into column C of the markbook Summary Sheet (“ALDS User ID “).


Your markbook is ready to import into ActiveLearn!



b. Importing Excel markbook data

  1. Go back to your Excel markbook and select the tab called “Upload to ALDS”.


  1. Select all the data in this tab (Ctrl A) and copy it (Ctrl C).


  2. Go back to the ActiveLearn "Upload markbook data” screen, by clicking on the Upload data from offline markbook button in the Markbook. alds-markbook-uploadbutton-2x550

  3. Paste the data you copied (Ctrl V) into the text box on the right . The data will appear as shown below.


  4. Click the “Next” button. The data is verified, then you see a table of the students whose data you have uploaded. 


To review your students' data, see Viewing the markbook report.




Can I still use my Microsoft Excel markbook?

Short term, yes.  Eventually we will move all our markbooks online and the Excel versions will cease to exist. We will let you know in advance of the change.

Won’t my assessment data be in two different places?

Yes, but you can upload your Excel markbooks to the online platform so that all your data is in one place to help you review and report on progress.

What about scores I have already uploaded? (KS3/4 maths only.)

Once you have created a new markbook on ActiveLearn, you will be able to see any previously uploaded markbook data (maths teachers only).  

Can I use the online markbooks without internet access?

You will need to be connected online to use online markbooks. 

Why is the online markbook better than the download version?

The online markbooks include improved functionality such as making it easier to move students between groups and question-level data input for unit tests. Hosting the markbooks online will also make it easier for us to make further improvements and add functionality including more in-depth analysis and reporting.


How do I give feedback?

If you would you like to take part in our user-testing, and help us shape this service, please email us at:





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