Customising your Library


When you first register for ActiveLearn, your Library page shows all the ActiveLearn series that your school or institution has bought. However, you may want to limit the products in your Library to just those that you use regularly. You can do this in the Admin menu. 

    1. To customise the Library page view, click the "Admin" tab in the top menu bar, then choose "My products".


    2. You will see a list of all the products that show on your Library page. 


Hiding items from the Library

To remove items from your Library page, click on the tick box next to each item you want to remove, then click 'Remove from my library'. 


Showing items in the Library

    1. Click on 'Other available products' to see any products that your school or institution has bought that are not shown on the Library page. 


    2. Select "Show in current Library" to add these items to the Library page.  


Seeing all of your products

To see an overview of what your school has purchased, select "View subscriptions". This area will show all your school's subscriptions to ALDS products, including those that have expired. 





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