Revise BTEC Tech Award Enterprise Revision Guide

The key to a smarter way or revising


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Our revision resources are the smart choice for those revising for the external assessment for the Enterprise BTEC Tech Award.

This book will help you to:

  • Revise all the essential content and key skills
  • Organise your revision with the one-topic-per-page format
  • Speed up your revision with the helpful hints on how to tackle questions and tasks
  • Track your revision progress with at-a-glance check boxes
  • Check your understanding with annotated example responses
  • Practise with revision questions and answers.

Revision is more than just this Guide!

Our student textbook supports your learning throughout your BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise. It contains all the content you need to progress through your course and includes:

  • Activities that will help you apply the new skills you have learned
  • Clear explanations of topics and plenty of examples to put the learning into context
  • ‘Check my Learning’ activities to help you review your understanding
  • Opportunities to practise your skills for assessment.


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Production date:October 2018