Pitman New Era Anniversary Edition

Published to celebrate 150 years of Pitman Publishing, this anniversary edition covers the theory of Pitman New Era Shorthand.


Pitman New Era shorthand is geared to the needs of top secretaries and professional shorthand writers. The fastest and most accurate shorthand system, it is in world-wide use with speeds of up to 350 words per minute. 

The phonetic system is ideal for specialist and technical use — for example on legal, medical and bilingual work — and its speed makes it the first choice for all verbatim recorders. Millions of people across the globe have studied New Era, qualified and entered well-paid professions.

  • Each piece of new theory reinforced with five practice sentences.
  • Includes short forms, phrase drills and 'practical dictation' sections of letters, memos and reports.
  • Provides appendices with advice on the treatment of figures and verbatim reporting.
  • Gives a separate alphabetic list of short forms and intersections.
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Production date:April 1997