Managing Own Personal Performance

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The most effective way for you to successfully manage your own personal performance, and to achieve success, is by performing at your best. This learning programme looks at how to manage your own personal performance and its importance in the workplace.
Learning content includes video tutorials, interactive quizzes, worksheets and assignments which will help learners understand the underpinning knowledge required for them to practice this skill in their workplace. 

Learning outcomes 
  • The important link between high performance and understanding yourself.
  • Tips for approaches and behaviours to encourage you towards high performance.
  • How to establish short-, mid-, and long-term targets.
  • Tips for creating goals that are realistic and manageableHow to make your goals personal to you.
  • Measurement through objectives, related to goals
  • Understand what makes objectives SMART 
  • Tips on thinking, acting and behaving in a positive manner by staying ‘one step ahead'
  • Behaviours and actions that will reflect positively on you
  • Behaviours and attitudes that will give others belief that you can progress in your career
  • Different methods that will enable you to develop your self-awareness
  • Different methods that will enable you to develop your understanding of others and emotional intelligence
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Production date:January 2020