Problem Solving

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In any workplace, you are going to encounter problems which need to be resolved. A good understanding of the different approaches to problem-solving can help you to navigate these challenges.

Learning content includes video tutorials, interactive quizzes, worksheets and assignments which will help learners understand the underpinning knowledge required for them to practice this skill in their workplace. 

Learning outcomes
  • What is problem-solving?
  • Problem-solving techniques and pitfalls.
  • Problem-solving processes, approaches and models.
  • What different types of problems relate to.
  • How to identify the nature of the problem.
  • How to evaluate potential solutions to the problem.
  • How to implement the chosen solution to the problem.
  • The skills and attributes needed to be a problem-solver.
  • The Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) approach.
  • The ‘5 Whys' analysis technique.
  • The FOCUS (Find, Organise, Clarify, Understand, Select) model.
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