Workplace Behaviours - Professionalism and Work Ethics

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Professionalism and strong work ethics are crucial to career success. To stand out to employers, employees must show that they are productive, can communicate effectively and work positively with others, and can be trusted to represent their brand appropriately.

In this module, learners will learn:
  • the meaning of professionalism and why it is situational
  • how to demonstrate professionalism in the workplace
  • about emotional intelligence and how to control emotions to help you develop better relationships with colleagues
  • how to communicate professionally face-to-face and by email
  • the meaning of work ethics and how to build trust and integrity to develop their own personal brand.They will learn mainly from videos supported by text, infographics and quizzes. On completion of the course they will be eligible for a ‘Learning' digital badge. 
They will also become eligible for an ‘Applied Learning' digital badge if they pass the End of Module Assessment.
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Production date:September 2021