Child Development: 6 to 16 years

A lively, engaging textbook to make child development from 6 to 16 years relevant for childcare students


Written by best-selling author Penny Tassoni, Child Development: 6 to 16 years will inspire learners to engage with this important subject through the discussion of topical issues and children’s real experiences.

1. An overview of childhood today
2. Emotional development
3. Social development
4. Cognitive development
5. Physical development 

  • Attractive, user-friendly format that will appeal to students with a range of ages and abilities.
  • Clear explanations of how early years practice influences children’s later development helps students to understand the relevance of this topic to their own studies.
  • Students can use the suggested ideas and advice to provide evidence of their knowledge in interesting and original ways.
  • Written by best-selling author and child development expert Penny Tassoni, ensuring that the book reflects the new NOS.
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Production date:April 2007