Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Diploma in Children's Learning and Development (Early Years Educator)

  • Dedicated support for work-based learners taking the new Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Diploma in Children's Learning and Development (Early Years Educator).
  • Covers all mandatory and selected optional units.
  • Combines the in-depth information your learners need for their Early Years Educator qualification with work-relevant examples, features and case studies.


The Pearson Children’s Learning and Development book is a perfect resource for anyone, whether they are a learner or assessor, as it supports varying levels of knowledge and understanding.

As a company we recommend the book to all our students. We purchased the Children’s Learning and Development book in September 2014 for our childcare assessment team and we’ve found it provides great support for learners in the workplace.

The assessment team recognises the content of the books as user friendly, and the case studies are useful for learners' research tasks. The reflection boxes allow assessors to plan effectively to meet the unit outcomes.

Learners have particularly enjoyed the jargon busters which support their understanding of the knowledge criteria, and the pictograms and tables are consistently used by learners when completing activities as they can locate the information rapidly.”


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Mandatory Units
Unit 1: Understand children’s early years education and development
Unit 2: Implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage
Unit 3: Diversity, equality and inclusion in early years settings
Unit 4: Plan and provide effective teaching and learning in early years settings
Unit 5: Make accurate and productive use of assessment in early years settings
Unit 6: Develop effective and informed professional practice in early years settings
Unit 7: Promote the health, safety and wellbeing of children in early years settings
Unit 8: Child protection and safeguarding
Unit 9: Partnership working in early years
Optional Units
Unit 10: Understand how to promote play and learning in the early years
Unit 12: Understand how to work with children in home-based care
Unit 14: Lead and Manage a Community Based Early Years Setting
Unit 20: Care for the Physical and Nutritional Needs of Babies and Young Children

The Candidate Handbook contains many features to aid learning:

  • Case studies throughout contain real life stories of situations that early years practitioners might come across, encouraging them to reflect on their own practice and that of other professionals.
  • Before you start feature introduces thought-provoking questions about learners' own experience and gets them to reflect on their existing knowledge.
  • Theory in Action features add the important real-world focus and give learners a deeper understanding of the theories that underpin their work with children.
  • Find the balance features provide tips for effective time-management to support learners in finding the right balance between work and study.



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