Entry Level - Interactive Essential Digital Skills

Please note that there is a minimum purchase amount of 5 licenses.

A series of short, easily accessible and bite-sized interactive courses directly mapped to the Pearson Essential Digital Skills (EDSQ) qualifications, each designed to help you improve learner confidence and engagement and ultimately improve pass rates.

Designed for your 16-18 and 19+ learners, each course is packed with highly-motivating digital content to keep learners engaged and enable active learning.

Why choose Interactive Essential Digital Skills?
  • Directly mapped to Pearson EDSQ qualifications covering all learning aims at both levels to support blended learning and save you time.
  • Engaging digital content such as videos, flip cards, tutorials, watch and try activities, summative tasks and more, to help motivate your learners and encourage independent learning online.
  • Activities are accessible over any smart device to help with remote delivery.
  • Clear visual support and audio guidance throughout the course to encourage learners to learn and practice their skills independently online. 
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