BTEC Level 2 First Performing Arts Student Book


This Student Book supports the Edexcel BTEC Level 2 First Performing Arts QCF specification for first teaching from September 2010.

A bright, engaging Student Book that will inspire students and ensure they succeed in this course. The strong visual approach brings learning to life which helps to inspire and motivate hands-on practical learners.

Unit A1: Working in the Performing Arts Industry
Unit A2: Professional Developments in the Performing Arts Industry
Unit A3: Performing Arts Production Process
Unit B4: Acting skills and techniques
Unit B5: The Development of Drama
Unit C13: Performing Dance
Unit C14: The Development of Dance
Unit D16: Crewing for Stage Performance
Unit E31: The Development of Music
Unit E32: Working as a Musical Ensemble


Project Section:
1. Devising a Song Book musical
B6 Devising Plays and B8 Musical Theatre Performance
2. Dance Festival
C13 Performing Dance, C10 Contemporary Dance and C11 Exploring Urban Dance styles
3. Song and Dance Showcase
C12 Jazz Dance and B8 Musical Theatre Performance
4. Children’s Show
B9 Developing Physical Theatre Performance, D20 Mask Making and B6 Devising Plays
5. Setting the scene
D17 Design for Performance and D21 Set Construction
6. Theatre in education Project
B6 Devising Plays and B4 Acting
7.Page to Stage
B7 Performing Scripted Plays and B4 Acting
8.Composition for drama
E26 Exploring Musical Composition, Unit E28 Developing Music Theory
9. Music night'
E30 Solo Musical Performance, A3 Performing Arts Production Process

  • Complete support for learners working towards Certificate, Extended Certificate or Diploma: the Student Book provides coverage of all the mandatory units and a variety of the optional units.
  • Achieve your potential: assessment activities in each unit give your learners plenty of practice to deepen their knowledge and understanding as well as grading tips for every assessment activity to help them achieve the best possible grade.
  • Edexcel’s Assignment tips: written and verified by experts in the BTEC team, there’s invaluable unit-by-unit advice on how learners can get the most out of their BTEC course.
  • Puts learners in the professionals’ shoes : WorkSpace case studies take your learners into the real world of work, showing them how they can apply their knowledge in a real-life context.
  • Supports learners: brings learning to life through a strong visual approach that motivates hands-on practical learners and helps to contextualise theoretical units in which they traditionally struggle.

Author Team:

Sally Jewers, Carolyn Carnaghan, Rob East and Julie Read

All have between them over 50 years' experience of teaching the various pathways of Performing arts in Schools and Colleges. The team has close links with Edexcel and comprises two Senior Verifiers and an External Verifier. The team has developed educational resources, publications and tutor training programmes.


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Production date:February 2010