Applied Mechanics

A fully revised and updated third edition introducing the basic principles of applied mechanics

Brought to you by Longman, this classic textbook is the essential guide to the basic principles of applied mechanics for all students of engineering, bringing together the principles of statistics and dynamics in relation to forces, thermo- and gas-dynamics and fluid flow. Applied Mechanics is relevant for BTEC NC/D and HNC/D and first year degree courses in engineering, including mechanical, production, civil, structural, building, aeronautics and avionics. The revised third edition now matches current courses and provides:
1. Statics. 2. Frameworks. 3. Friction. 4. Velocity and Acceleration. 5. Inertia and Change of Motion. 6. Motion in a Circle. 7. Balancing. 8. Periodic Motion. 9. Dynamics of Rotation. 10. Work, Energy and Power. 11. Impulse and Momentum. 12. Aircraft and Rockets. 13. Direct Stress and Strain. 14. Mechanical Properties of Materials. 15. Shear and Torsion. 16. Shear Force and Bending Moment. 17. Bending of Beams. 18. Combined Bending and Direct Stress. 19. Fluid at Rest. 20. Fluid in Motion. 21. Experimental Errors and the Adjustment of Data.
  • a clear, accessible presentation of the principles of statics and dynamics in relation to forces, thermodynamics, gas dynamics and fluid flow
  • a simpler, clearer presentation of material on fluids at rest and in motion
  • extended coverage of satellites, aircraft, rockets and helicopters
  • an update of all worked examples and problems
  • coverage of the basic principles of satellites, aircraft, rockets and helicopters with more descriptive work, diagrams and examples
  • worked examples followed by list of problems for practice to support each topic
  • coverage suitable for BTEC NIII Engineering Science unit.
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Production date:June 1995