BTEC Tech Award in Engineering ALDS 1 year

Every lesson made simple

£144.99 + £29.00 UK VAT

Try a free demo of the BTEC Tech Award Health & Social Care Teaching Resources to see how the ALDS platform works, and what the features are included.

With this 1 year subscription you'll have a front-of-class version of the Student Book, hosted on Pearson's ActiveLearn Digital Service, with the following features:

  • videos and interviews with professionals from the sector
  • editable activity worksheets, including support for lower level and 'stretch and challenge' for more able students
  • lesson starts in the form of PowerPoint presentations
  • assessment worksheets to help students build their skills for assessment.

Find out how the Teaching Resources work with our walkthrough video for Health and Social Care.


You can also purchase your Teaching Resources as a 3 year subscription.

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Product details

Availability:Online Product
Production date:March 2018
Format:Online material