Performing Engineering Operations - Level 1 Student Book

Our Candidate Handbook for Level 1 provides highly illustrated content and is designed to appeal to learners at this level and provide them with the tools to succeed.


Mandatory Units

Working safely in an engineering environment

Working efficiently and effectively in engineering

Using and communicating technical information


Optional Units

Wiring electrical equipment and circuits

Assembling electrical wiring support systems

Carrying out sheet metal cutting, forming and assembly activities

Making components using hand tools

Using lathes for turning operations

Assembling and wiring electrical panels or assembling electronic circuits


Using manual metal arc welding equipment and using manual oxy-fuel gas welding equipment

  • Written specifically for learners at Level 1 and covers all mandatory units and a range of popular pathway options
  • Includes a range of principles and techniques such as welding and electronics, so learners can gain experience of different engineering concepts and discover their strengths (and weaknesses).
  • Clear and logical layout with step-by-step illustrations of technical skills to enable learners to grasp difficult concepts and put theory into practice
  • Concise and appropriate language engages learners and encourages progression from level 1 to level 2
  • Industry focus case-studies are showcased at the end of each unit that describe real achievements in the world of engineering and contextualizes what has been learn
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Production date:September 2012