Level 2 Principles of Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Pearson offers a total solution for those taking and delivering the new Level 2 qualifications in the Principles of Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs, providing everything you need for the fast track to success.
  • Introduction including features of this book and mapping grid
  • 1. General workshop operation principles for light vehicles
  • 2. Light vehicle chassis units and components 
  • 3. Light vehicle engine mechanical, lubrication & cooling system units & components
  • 4. Light vehicle fuel, ignition, air & exhaust system units & components
  • 5. Light vehicle transmission & driveline units & components
  • 6. Light vehicle electrical units & components
  • 7. Light vehicle inspection & servicing
  • Index
  • Written in line with the revised specifications, applicable for the Scottish Vocational Curriculum, and specially engineered around the requirements of level 2 for practical application of knowledge.

  • Highly illustrated units and clear, straightforward language means that candidates are able to visualize and understand key practice within the automotive industry.

  • Real-work focus in the handbooks fuels candidates’ aspirations, helping them to put their learning into the context of real working scenarios.

  • Assessment guidance features throughout offer advice on how to prepare for assessment, and how candidates can achieve their best.

  • Progress checks at the end of each learning outcome and end of unit help learners consolidate their knowledge.

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Production date:September 2011