BTEC Entry 3/Level 1 Health and Social Care Student Book

BTEC’s own resources for Entry 3/Level 1 learners - by the BTEC team, for BTEC learners - supporting learners every step of the way to BTEC success.

BTEC’s own resources for Entry 3/Level 1 Health and Social Care are tailored to the needs of Entry 3 and Level 1 learners – providing content for both specifications that help learners engage with their studies, achieve their potential, and progress to employment or BTEC Level 2 First.

Level 1 Units covered
Unit 8
 Investigating rights and responsibilities at work
Unit 9 Managing your health at work
Unit 12 Health and social care needs
Unit 13 Personal care in health and social care
Unit 14 Creative activities for children
Unit 15 Learning experiences for children and young people
Unit 16 Creative and leisure activities for adults in health and social care
Unit 17 Promoting healthy eating in care
Unit 18 Communication with adults and children in health and social care
Unit 19 Job opportunities in health and social care
Unit 20 Health and social care group project
Entry Level 3 Units covered
Unit 1
Investigating rights and responsibilities at work (covered within Unit 8 of Level 1)*
Unit 2 Managing your health at work (covered within Unit 9 of Level 1)*
Unit 6 Introduction to creative and leisure activities for children and adults (covered within units 14 and 16 of Level 1)*
Unit 5 Health needs (covered within Unit 12 of Level 1)*

*Where Entry Level 3 content is covered within a unit from Level 1, both the learning outcomes for Entry Level 3 and Level 1 are covered in their entirety.


  • Designed for the needs of the Entry 3/Level 1 learner in full colour, with a spread-based approach, and topics broken into clear, bite-sized chunks to retain learners’ attention.
  • Lively activities, mini case studies and clear checklists and summaries help learners engage with - and remember - content.


  • Covering 11 units at Level 1 – enough for a Diploma, and 4 Units at Entry Level 3 – enough for an Award, so you can be confident your learners have the content they need to achieve their qualification.
  • Edexcel’s own Assignment tips, written by BTEC experts, help learners to achieve their potential in assessments.
  • Activities mapped to the assessment criteria in each unit, provide support and clear direction for learners, helping them to work towards the criteria.


  • Prepare your learners for employment with a focus on employability skills and definitions of key terms.
  • Help your learners progress to BTEC Level 2 First by building their confidence with the style of BTEC qualifications.
Part of BTEC Health and Social Care - Foundation Learning (2010)

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Production date:September 2010