Pearson Revise BTEC Tech Award Health and Social Care Practice Assessments Plus (2022)

The key to a smarter way of revising!


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Practice Assessments Plus is the smart choice for those revising Component 3 of the BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care (2022).
This book contains four full-length practice assessments, helping you to: 
  • Prepare by familiarising yourself with the structure and process for completing your assessment 
  • Practise by writing responses straight into the book 
  • Perfect your external assessment skills, with targeted hints, guidance and support for every question, along with answers. 
Revision is more than Practice Assessments! 

Make sure you have revised all the essential content for this unit and know what good responses look like with the accompanying Revise BTEC Tech Award Health and Social Care (2022) Revision Guide. Look out for links to the Revision Guide for further information as you work through these practice assessments. 
Part of BTEC Tech Award (2022) Health and Social Care

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Production date:September 2022