BTEC First in Hospitality Student Book

  • A tried and trusted Student Book provides core support for learners.  
  • Covers all the mandatory units and optional units.
  • The attractive, accessible layout is packed with features, which draw out key points and bring learning to life.
  • Units are presented in topics with plenty of activities and assessment guidance to help learners achieve their potential.  
  • Assessment activities and grading will help learners to achieve their potential in internally-assessed units and support external assessment.


Unit 1: Introducing the Hospitality Industry
Unit 2: Working in the Hospitality Industry
Unit 3: Food Safety and Health and Safety in Hospitality
Unit 4: Costing and Controlling Finances in the Hospitality Industry
Unit 5: Enterprise in the Hospitality Industry
Unit 6: Planning, Preparing, Cooking and Finishing Food
Unit 7: Food and Beverage Service in the Hospitality Industry
Unit 8: Front Offices Services in the Hospitality Industry
Unit 9: How the Hospitality Industry Contributes to Health Lifestyles


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Production date:October 2013