Higher Mathematics for AQA GCSE

The proven step-by-step approach to build your students' confidence!

Mathematics for AQA GCSE Linear offers a carefully structured, step-by-step approach that builds students' confidence.

Chapter 1 Whole Numbers

Chapter 2 Decimals and Fractions

Chapter 3 Approximation and Estimation

Chapter 4 Percentages and Money

Chapter 5 Working with Number

Chapter 6 Standard Index Form

Chapter 7 Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 8 Speed and Other Compound Measures

Chapter 9 Extending the Number System

Chapter 10 Introduction to Algebra

Chapter 11 Solving Equations

Chapter 12 Formulae

Chapter 13 Sequences

Chapter 14 Straight Line Graphs

Chapter 15 Using Graphs

Chapter 16 Inequalities

Chapter 17 Further Graphs

Chapter 18 Direct and Inverse Proportion

Chapter 19 Quadratic Equations

Chapter 20 Simultaneous Equations

Chapter 21 Algebraic Methods

Chapter 22 Transforming Graphs

Chapter 23 Angles and 2-D Shapes

Chapter 24 Circle Properties

Chapter 25 Perimeters and Areas

Chapter 26 Maps, Loci and Constructions

Chapter 27 Transformations

Chapter 28 Pythagoras’ Theorem

Chapter 29 Trigonometry

Chapter 30 3-D Shapes

Chapter 31 Understanding and Using Measures

Chapter 32 Congruent Triangles and Similar Figures

Chapter 33 Vectors

Chapter 34 Further Trigonometry

Chapter 35 Collection and Organisation of Data

Chapter 36 Averages and Range

Chapter 37 Presentation of Data 1

Chapter 38 Presentation of Data 2

Chapter 39 Cumulative Frequency

Chapter 40 Probability

Offering a proven, high-quality, step-by-step approach that builds students’ confidence, these texts give your students the practice for the two-tier examinations.

  • Clearly organised, easy-to-use and carefully structured main texts provide thorough preparation for students on either a 1-year or 2-year course with clear, student-friendly language used throughout.
  • Fully worked examples with explanatory notes and commentary followed by carefully graded exercises offer gradual progression.
  • Exam and exam-style questions, presented in non-calculator and calculator section reviews, give further opportunities to consolidate skills acquired over a number of chapters.
  • Includes practice questions and useful summaries for revision.
Part of Causeway Maths for AQA GCSE Linear

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Production date:March 2006