Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics Mechanics 5 M5

Edexcel’s course for the GCE specification

Matching the specification, Edexcel AS and A Level Modular Mathematics M5 features:

1 Applications of vectors in mechanics 

1.1 Simple first order vector differential equations 
1.2 Simple second order vector differential equations 
1.3 The work done by a constant force 
1.4 The vector moment of a force about a point 
1.5 Analysing systems of forces 
2 Variable mass 
2.1 The impulse–momentum principle 
Review Exercise 1 
3 Moments of inertia of a rigid body 
3.1 The moment of inertia of a standard rigid body about an axis 
3.2 Further standard results and the radius of gyration 
3.3 Parallel and perpendicular axes theorems 
4 Rotation of a rigid body about a fixed smooth axis 
4.1 Kinetic and potential energies of a rotating body
4.2 The force that a rotating body exerts on the axis of rotation 
4.3 Using angular momentum to solve problems involving a rotating body which receives an impulse 
4.4 The period of a pendulum 
Review Exercise 2 
Examination style paper 
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  • Regular review sections consolidate learning.
  • Opportunities for stretch and challenge presented throughout the course.
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Production date:December 2009