CPD Toolkit for teachers - How to support lower attaining students in Secondary Maths

Supporting great maths teaching

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The new GCSE (9-1) contains what many see as more demanding and challenging content and so it is becoming ever more important to build the confidence of students who find maths concepts difficult to understand. The downloadable CPD toolkit has been designed by experts in helping develop the recognition of key mathematical concepts through the transition of Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract  understanding. As a result, teachers will be able to deliver lessons focused on helping create a mathematical foundation through the use of the teaching resources, classroom posters and worksheets.

Download our free sample resources on Number Sense from the ActiveTeach platform to see what the Toolkit contains. 

Resources for your department/team meetings include:


  • Presentations to explore misconceptions and barriers that affects students
  • videos by Teachers for Teachers to show how to use the ‘concrete’ resources included


In class resources to help you teach the new strategies straight away:


  • teaching support notes which indicate when and how to use the other resources
  • ‘Concrete’ resources to develop number sense and algebra skills as part of the development of mathematical understanding
  • posters
  • activities and worksheets
  • presentations
  • example lesson plans.


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