Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Mathematics: Higher Student Book (First Edition)

Confidence – fluency – problem solving – reasoning

Our resources are written specifically to tackle the demands of the GCSE (9–1) Mathematics course.
  • Help students reach a higher level in each topic before they move onto the next topic with content broken down into larger chunks.

  • Check and consolidate understanding with formative assessment followed by an opportunity to strengthen learning at the end of each topic.

  • Challenge the higher abilities to broaden learning further with extend sections.

  • Build confidence with fluency, reasoning and problem solving integrated in every unit to give students the tools to answer new question types.

  • Support lower ability students with strategies proven to help them access concepts, such as concrete, pictorial, abstract.

  • Encourage students to reflect on their learning, something that has been proven to nurture confidence and raise achievement in all abilities.


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Production date:March 2015