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A popular and involving course for beginners or those with a little Spanish who want to learn the language and find out more about Spanish culture.

  • Introduction to the language and culture of Spain
  • Already used and loved by thousands
  • Activity book also available
  • Accompanying BBC TV series


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Contents: 1 Book, 224 Pages, 3 Audio CDs, 180 Minutes
June 2003 Author: Derek Utley


Sample Content

Sample pages 68-69 (PDF, 257 Kb)

Sample pages 70-71 (PDF,  657 Kb) 



Hundreds of thousands of people have already learned Spanish with the popular beginners’ course España Viva. It aims not only to teach Spanish but also something about the people who speak it.

Ideal for those who know little or no Spanish, España Viva is carefully structured to suit learners without much time to study. Focusing on listening, reading, writing and speaking,  España Viva will take you to the equivalent level of a first qualification, such as GCSE.


Part of BBC Active Languages

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Production date:October 2013