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Contents: 1 Book, 160 Pages
Author: Peter Bull, Matthew Hancock


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Get By in Portuguese is the ideal travel companion – a quick and easy introduction to Portuguese and a phrase book covering all the essential language you’ll need on your trip. Get to grips with the basics of a conversation before you leave, then take the book away with you as a handy reference guide.

Get By in Portuguese will help you to:

  • understand the basics of the language with clear and easy-to-follow explanations
  • try out what you have learnt with mini role plays and activities
  • communicate with confidence using thousands of essential words and phrases
  • get around easily with useful tips for the visitor
  • eat out the Portuguese way with the comprehensive menu reader.

Also contains a two-way mini dictionary so you’ll never be stuck for the right word, and a full pronunciation guide so you’ll always know how to say it! Also available in a pack with audio CD.

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Product details

Production date:May 2007