Talk Italian 2 Book

Talk 2 is the ideal way for you to improve your existing language skills, and take your language learning to the next level.


Talk Italian 2 has already helped thousands of people to improve their Italian.

Whether you're returning to the language and don't want to start from scratch or you've completed an introductory course, Talk Italian 2 is the ideal way to take your Italian to the next level - fast.


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Contents: 1 Book, 160 Pages
Author: Alwena Lamping


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Sample pages 42-43 (PDF, 215Kb)

Sample pages 88-89 (PDF, 217Kb) 




With its clear and effective approach, you'll soon be able to engage in increasingly sophisticated conversations and express opinions on a wide range of subjects from food to property, as well as get to know people and cope confidently in everyday situations.

  • Learn faster and smarter using the successful, proven Talk method.
  • Develop your language skills with a wealth of activities to help you learn.
  • Express yourself more confidently by taking part in real Italian conversations. 

Also available: Talk Italian 2 Pack (this book with 2 x 60-minute CDs)




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Product details

Production date:August 2014