Talking the Talk Spanish

Talk is our bestselling course for absolute beginners. It has a clear, effective approach that will get you talking in no time!


Talking the TALK Spanish is part of the bestselling TALK series, which has inspired so many people to learn Spanish and find the confidence to give it a go.


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Contents: 1 Book, 200 Pages
Author: Mick Webb


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Talking the TALK is new and different, designed for adults who are familiar with the basics of Spanish and whose ambition is to be able to hold a friendly conversation, whether with someone they’ve met on their travels, a business contact, extended family, a fellow enthusiast, a neighbour or anyone else.

  • Be confident that what you say sounds natural and up to date with hundreds of carefully selected, versatile phrases and wordbanks that include colloquialisms as well as IT- and social media-related language.
  • Develop your listening skills and perfect your accent with the how to sound Spanishaudio download.
  • Keep conversation flowing comfortably with lots of strategies and hints.
  • Personalise the language you’re learning: ideas, advice and plenty of practice activities.


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Product details

Production date:June 2017