Revise BTEC Principles of Applied Science Unit 1 Revision Guide Front-of-Class Edition

Revision Guide Front-of-Class Edition

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Display the pages of our popular revision guides on your whiteboard for focussed whole-class revision using our brand new front-of-class editions.

  • Written with your students in mind, using an informal voice that talks directly to them without patronising.
  • One-topic-per-page format provides hassle-free revision.
  • Includes exam tips and guidance on the common pitfalls and misconceptions.
  • Target grades on the page show students the level they are working at.
  • Exam-style worked examples match the specification and demonstrate good exam technique.
  • ‘Now try this’ exam-style practice questions let students test their understanding of a topic.

Part of BTEC Firsts in Applied Science from 2012

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Production date:October 2015