BTEC National Applied Science 2016 Teaching Pack Unit 6

Supporting you with BTEC planning, teaching and learning

Our flexible, unitised Teaching Pack supports planning, delivery and assessment of the new BTEC Nationals in Applied Science.

Hosted on Pearson’s ActiveLearn Digital Service, you will find:

  • carefully selected Teaching Pack that provide lessons and accompanying resources for the Extended Certificate, Foundation Diploma, Diploma and Extended Diploma
  • differentiated tiered materials to help with class management and provide opportunities for learners to work at their own pace
  • a variety of blended learning materials to help save planning time and provide your learners with the opportunity to experience a mix of learning techniques through materials such as activity sheets, interactive quizzes, PowerPoint® presentations, video clips and more
  • opportunities for your learners to develop and hone their academic and employability skills such as cognitive and problem-solving skills, intrapersonal skills and interpersonal skills with links to how these can be developed for further study or the workplace
  • tutor-facing guidance for delivering each unit and preparing learners for their assessment
  • access to an ActiveTeach online version of both Student Books is provided when you purchase any Teaching Pack. This is front-of-class eBook that includes zoom areas of all activities and features.

Each unit includes a range of digital resources to aid learning and teaching:

Course Planner - this is the main hub of your Teaching Pack, giving you access to structured lesson-by-lesson activities to use as starter activities, lesson content and also plenary activities for the whole unit. The planner includes downloadable and fully editable resources, including activity sheets and PowerPoint® presentations.

Playlist – this is where all the downloadable resources in the Course Planner are stored, ready for you to use or customise. You can also upload your own resources, including text files, pdfs, presentations, video clips and web pages so you have everything to hand when you need it – your own ‘One Stop Shop’ for BTEC Nationals in Applied Science.


Onscreen Unit Guides provide a unit introduction, contents listing and links to the Course Planner, Playlist and eLearning activities PLUS live links to additional free resources available from the BTEC Nationals qualifications website.

Part of BTEC Nationals in Applied Science (2016)
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