Edexcel A level Biology B Teacher Resource Pack 2

 Developing successful independent scientists for AS, A level and beyond  

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The Teacher Resource Pack is designed to give you maximum support for the new Edexcel AS and A level Science courses.


Teaching plans:

  • show prior and future learning highlighted for each section.
  • highlight practical opportunities with mapping to practical competencies and techniques.
  • highlight any requirement for differentiation between AS and A level learning.
  •  include wider reading suggestions.

Student, Teacher and Technician sheets are provided for all core practicals plus additional practicals. These are chosen to provide further opportunities for students to demonstrate practical skills, competencies and techniques.

Practical competency tracking sheets enables teachers and students to track progress towards achieving practical endorsement.


Part of Pearson Edexcel AS and A level Science

Product details

Availability:Online Product
Production date:March 2016