BTEC Nationals Sport Student Book 2 + Activebook

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Student Book 2 builds on Student Book 1, providing a further range of optional units and all the additional mandatory units required to support learners studying for the Diploma, Diploma (Fitness Services) and the Extended Diploma.

Written by an expert author team of BTEC teachers, verifiers and sport professionals so you can be sure the content is reliable, relevant and of the highest quality.

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Included: a digital ActiveBook licence

Student Book 2 is accompanied by an ActiveBook (a digital version of the Student Book) – an easy way for learners to personalise their learning as they progress through the course, and perfect for revision and reinforcement of key skills. The ActiveBooks (eBooks) are available to buy separately, or as institutional licences, so you can save money and have enough for all of your learners.

Units covered:

Unit 9: Research Methods in Sport
Unit 10: Sports Event Organisation
Unit 12: Self-Employment in the Sports Industry
Unit 13: Instructing Gym-Based Exercise
Unit 14: Exercise and Circuit-Based Physical Activity
Unit 15: Instructing Exercise to Music
Unit 16: Instructing Water-Based Exercise
Unit 17: Sports Injury Management
Unit 18: Work Experience in Active Leisure
Unit 19: Development and Provision of Sport and Physical Activity
Unit 22: Investigating Business in Sport and the Active Leisure Industry
Unit 23: Skill Acquisition in Sport
Unit 25: Rules, Regulations and Officiating in Sport

More about your Student Book

Each Student Book and ActiveBook has clearly laid out pages with a range of supportive features to aid learning and teaching:

  • Getting to know your unit sections ensure learners understand the grading criteria and unit requirements.
  • Getting ready for assessment sections focus on preparation for external assessment with guidance for learners on what to expect. Hints and tips will help them prepare for assessment and sample answers are provided for a range of question types including, short and long answer questions, all with a supporting commentary.
  • Pause point features provide opportunities for learners to self-evaluate their learning at regular intervals. Each Pause point feature gives learners a Hint or Extend option to either revisit and reinforce the topic or to encourage independent research or study skills.
  • Case study and Theory into practice features enable development of problem-solving skills and place the theory into real life situations learners could encounter.
  • Assessment practice features provide scaffolded assessment practice activities that help prepare learners for assessment. Within each assessment practice activity, a Plan, Do and Review section supports learners’ formative assessment by making sure they fully understand what they are being asked to do, what their goals are and how to evaluate the task and consider how they could improve.
  • Literacy and numeracy activities provide opportunities for reinforcement in these key areas, placing the skills into a sport context.
  • Dedicated Think future pages provide case studies from the industry, with a focus on aspects of skills development that can be put into practice in a real work environment and further study.


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Production date:July 2017