OCR A2 PE Student Book

A complete resource package that covers the new OCR specification

This A2 Student Book contains support with assessment in the form of:
  • Exemplar Material – model questions complete with a mark scheme, top grade answers and feedback to help students see where they need to improve. In the A2 book, the style of questions used reflect those required for the ‘stretch and challenge’ element.
  • Exam tips – revision advice and exam technique tips.
  • 'Revise as you go' sections to help students see how they are progressing.
The Student Book also contains practical examples relating theory to practice in the form of 'Apply it!' features which provide practical examples to reinforce how the theory is used in practice, in real-life situations. Other features of the Student Book include:
  • Tasks to reinforce learning.
  • 'Key terms' boxes to explain key words.
  • 'Remember' boxes to highlight key concepts.
  • A bibliography to provide further resources.
  • An index.
OCR Unit 453
Historical studies - Sarah van Wely
Comparative studies - John Ireland
Sports psychology - John Ireland
Biomechanics - Claire Miller
Exercise and sports physiology - Dave Carnell

OCR Unit 454
Practical skills - Ken Mackreth  
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Production date:September 2009