BTEC First in Travel & Tourism Student Book

A lively and engaging Student Book for the next generation BTEC First in Travel and Tourism from September 2013


Units covered
Unit 1 The UK Travel and Tourism Sector
Unit 2 UK Travel and Tourism Destinations
Unit 3 The Development of Travel and Tourism in the UK
Unit 4 International Travel and Tourism Destinations
Unit 5 Factors Affecting Worldwide Travel and Tourism
Unit 6 The Travel and Tourism Customer Experience
Unit 7 Travel and Tourism Business Environments
Unit 8 Promotion and Sales in Travel and Tourism
Unit 9 Travel and Tourism Employment Opportunities
Unit 10 Organising a Travel and Tourism Study Visit
Unit 11 Delivering the Travel and Tourism Customer Experience*
Unit 12 Marketing in Travel and Tourism*
Unit 13 Airports and Airline*

* Units only available online and not printed Student Book.

  • Covers all core and mandatory units and a wide selection of optional units.
  • Each unit is presented in topics to ensure the content is accessible and engaging for learners. 
  • Covers of all the underpinning knowledge and understanding needed at level 2 to ensure that learners are fully prepared for this course.
  • Activities provide support and clear direction for learners and can be used in the classroom or for independent work. 
  • New Assessment Zone guides learners through both internal and external assessment.
  • Practice assignments and assessment guidance help learners to achieve their potential in internally assessed units. 
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Production date:August 2013