BTEC Tech Award (2022) Travel and Tourism ActiveBook Institutional Subscription

Every lesson made simple!

A digital version of the Student Book. Written by an expert author team of BTEC teachers and professionals, and includes: 
  • Full coverage of all three components, structured and updated to match the 2022 specification
  • Content broken down into one-hour lessons to help with your planning and delivery 
  • Case studies and examples that students can relate to 
  • Additional features including key terms, 'did you know' sections and plenty of assessment practice. 
This Institutional ActiveBook subscription gives you access to licences that can be shared with your learners. 

Subscription sizes available: 
  • Up to 10 licences 
  • Up to 15 licences 
  • Up to 20 licences 
  • Up to 30 licences 
  • Up to 50 licences 
  • Up to 75 licences 
  • Up to 100 licences 
  • Up to 150 licences 
  • 250+ licences
Your subscription for this product will last one year from your date of purchase and will need to be renewed at the end of that year. 
Part of BTEC Tech Award (2022) Travel and Tourism
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