Homework Tasks

Your teachers can assign you exercises from your course as homework tasks. Unlike completing exercises on your own, tasks must be completed by a fixed date.

You can see if you have been set any homework tasks by looking at the circle next to "Tasks" in the top menu bar. The number in the circle shows how many tasks you have been set.

On the tasks screen you can see your currently assigned tasks, as well as those which have reached their due date and been submitted.

Task Screen

Tackling Tasks

To open a task, find it in the Open tab, and start it.

You will see a list of exercises assigned within the task, as well as your progress and any notes from your teacher.

Task exercises list

Below is an example of an exercise from a language course. In this activity you would practice reading comprehension.

At the end of the exercise you will a Results screen showing your scores. The score is colour coded:

  • Red: not many correct (0-34%).
  • Amber: quite a few correct, but still some work to do (35-70%).
  • Green: most or all answers correct (71-100%).
  • Gold: all answers correct (100%) without using hints or learning aids.

Always be sure to submit your score when you're done!

If you don\'t get full marks for a question first time, you can usually try it again. Once you have done the best you can, go back to the Results screen. You can add a feedback emote to show your teacher how you think the exercise went.

Your task will automatically submit when it reaches its due date.


If you encounter a technical problem while completing a task, we recommend asking your teacher to assign you a new task that covers the troublesome exercise(s). Your teacher can contact our support team to get further help.