Redeeming ActiveBooks

ActiveBooks are eBooks based on Student Books, Teacher Guides, Revision Guides or other Pearson Education titles. They can be accessed using a back-of-the-book code, an individual online purchase, or through a school subscription.

For most students, ActiveBooks will be added to your account by your teacher.

Some printed books come with included one-time-use codes which can be redeemed on ActiveLearn, and either added to an existing account, or be used to create a new account.

Adding to your account

To add an ActiveBook to your account:

  1. Log in to ActiveLearn:
  2. On the Library page, click "Activate new access code"
  3. Enter your code, and click "Activate".

Once a code is redeemed, the corresponding ActiveBook will be instantly added to the Library.

ActiveBooks accessed by redeeming a code belong to the account used to redeem them. If a student or teacher loses access to their school's resources, they will continue to have access to any ActiveBooks which they redeemed using a code.

Common Questions

How long does my ActiveBook subscription last?

  • If your ActiveBook was added using a code included with a printed book, the license will last for approximately 3 years.
  • If your ActiveBook comes from a school subscription, the license will last for as long as your school continues the subscription.

I have a student who is leaving and won’t need their ActiveBook any longer. Can I use their licence for someone else?

Yes, you can change which students have access to ActiveBooks on the “Manage access to products” page. You can find out how in the help section on Managing student access to products.

  • There is no way to transfer in-book notes or annotations from one student to another.

I bought a book second-hand and it has a code in the front. Can I still use it?

If the silver coating over the number has been scratched off, then someone has already used the code and you cannot use it again. If the code is still covered over, you may be able to use it. Codes in books can be activated up to 3 years after they were created. Once activated the code will last for 3 years.