Tasks and Reporting

One of the popular features for teachers on ActiveLearn is the Tasks tool, which allows you to set online homework for your students and keep an eye on their progress. Tasks are automatically marked by ActiveLearn, so this work is done for you.

Tasks are assembled using the learning exercises included with some products, and feed into ActiveLearn's Reporting views.

RAGG Scoring

Reports use a colour code and a score for exercise and task results. These colour codes are known as RAGG (red, amber, green, gold) scores.

Red: not many correct (0-33%).

Amber: quite a few correct, but still some work to do (34-70%).

Green: most or all answers correct (71-100%).

Gold: all answers correct (100%) without using hints or learning aids.

Task Reports

The Task Report shows results for each task that has been set. It provides a summary of scores for the students in that group who were assigned a particular task. You can also leave feedback for the group which completed it, make a copy of or edit the task, and either export or print the report summary.

ActiveLearn Task Report

Student Task Reports

The Student Task Report provides a summary of a student's performance across all of the tasks they have been set. This page also allows you to generate a feedback report for a task, export the report as an Excel-friendly CSV file, print the report, or review particular task results in depth.

ActiveLearn Student Task Report

Progress Reports

The Progress Report shows RAGG results (from tasks or self study) by level or grade for students. As the year progresses and students complete exercises, this can help for identifying the level a student is working at.

The report shows each student's average scores and RAGG colours, divded into the appropriate categories based on how the exercises are organised for a given course. Some courses, like Maths courses, will organise by Pearson steps and indicative grades.

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