Insights Dashboard

The Insights Dashboard is a new feature for ActiveLearn Secondary in 2021. It draws on data from your ActiveLearn markbooks to give you analysis on your students’ progress, highlighting those that need your attention. Currently, it is designed for Maths and Science at KS3 and KS4.

Note that the dashboard refreshes four times per day, so changes you make to your markbooks might not reflect in the dashboard immediately.


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You can look at your results from three viewpoints: your groups, your students and your assessments.

Groups View

In the Groups view, see the number of your students on track to meet their course target, and compare this with other groups.

Insights Groups View

Students View

In the Students view, view each individual's progress over time and delve into the detail in a single assessment. Use this to identify where they need targeted interventions on their questions, topics and skills.

Students View

On track?

This looks at the last assessment the student has taken to see if they are 'on or above' or 'below' track to meet their course target. It is based on linear progress from their baseline to their course target and excludes unit/module tests. It is highlighted red when the student is below track.


Progress is the difference in indicative grades between the latest assessment and the baseline test (excluding unit/module tests). Negative progress will be highlighted red.

To provide these measures, you will need to enter a baseline and course target in your ActiveLearn markbooks. If you have entered results from a baseline test, ActiveLearn will calculate a baseline and course target value for you, unless you want to enter your own.

Assessments View

In the assessments view, look at your group's performance in a single assessment to see a grade summary, a question-level analysis, a topics analysis and skills analysis. You can clearly visualise areas where the group underperformed, and use this to help with lesson planning, revision and interventions.

Assessments View - Grade view


In various parts of the Insights Dashboard you can compare results between students, groups and the whole year. For this to be accurate, it is important that your students in ActiveLearn have the correct year group. This can be done from the Manage Student Details section of the ActiveLearn Admin area.

Getting the most valuable insights

In order to get the most valuable insights, you will need to enter results for each student at question level in ActiveLearn markbooks. By doing this you will see better insights on student and group performance in topics, skills and by question.

Indicative Grades

Our quality assessments and markbooks provide results in terms of 9-1 indicative grades to support teachers' own predictions of progress and is not an accurate predictor of grades.