Interactive Schemes of Work

The Schemes of Work tool allows you to customise and tailor lesson plans specifically for you and your colleagues. The tool supports a wide range of subjects and subscriptions.

Interactive Schemes of Work can be accessed from anywhere via the Plan menu.

Any custom schemes of work you create will be accessible by all teachers in your school, so you and your colleagues can easily plan out the coming year(s) in advance.

Creating a Scheme

When you first create a new scheme, you will need to sort through various options, including:

    • Name (e.g. GCSE 9-1 French Foundation)
    • Subject (e.g. French)
    • Course (e.g. Studio Edexcel GCSE (9-1) French)
    • Course Level & Length (e.g. Foundation, 2 Year)

Editing a Scheme

Your new Scheme of work will have a default layout prepared by the course publisher. From the editing page, you can customise it to suit your needs by rearranging content, changing timings, and hiding modules/units as needed. Any prerequisites for specific modules/units will be displayed for your convenience.

Using a Scheme

When a scheme of work has been saved, the Scheme Explorer view shows it in detail. From this page, you can go through intidivudal units in detail, find specification resources, and print or download your scheme of work. 

Clicking on any unit, either from the scheme overview or from the contents list, will show you that unit in detail, including subunits and resources.

Clicking on a subunit will show the teaching points for that subunit, along with resources such as relevant pages from front-of-class books and PowerPoint presentations. You will only be able to access these resources if your school has a subscription which includes them.

The specification resources area includes quick access to the course spec, along with extras such as assessment dates, sample assessment materials, past papers, and assessment timetables.