ActiveLearn Secondary Subscription FAQs

Most ActiveLearn resources are accessed through institutional subscriptions, which can include teaching resources, online homework, and institutional licenses for student ActiveBooks. When you purchase an ActiveLearn subscription, the resources in that subscription are made available for all members of staff in your school. Teachers in your school can then register and organise their students on ActiveLearn, and provide them with student-specific resources (such as online courses and books). Subscriptions begin when you receive your Access/Institution code. This code is sent in an email after your order has been confirmed.

Some student resources can also be accessed using ActiveBook codes, which are individual single-use ebook codes included with physical books. An ActiveBook code is unique to the person who redeems it, and is not shared among other students or staff in a school like a subscription. 

All about: School/band size

Your band size is determined by the size of your school as listed in our system based on the number of students you have registered.

School size bands
GCSE Bands Size of School
Extra Large 3001-5000
Large 2001-3000
Medium 751-2000
Small 101-750
Extra Small 1-100


For A Level Mathematics and Post-16 GCSE Mathematics resit subscriptions, band sizes are based on the size of your cohort:

A Level Mathematics
Bands Size of Cohort
Large 100+ Learners
Medium 12-99 Learners
Small Less than 11 Learners


Post-16 Maths Resit
Bands Size of Cohort
Large 800+ Learners
Medium 400-799 Learners
Small 100-399 Learners
Extra Small Less Than 99 Learners

Subscription Renewal

ActiveLearn subscriptions automatically renew by default.

The purchaser in your school will receive notification in advance of the auto-renewal and will be offered the chance to cancel. If we do not hear from your school the product will renew automatically to ensure you do not lose access to the service or your data.

Checking on your subscriptions

Your current ActiveLearn subscriptions can be viewed from the My Products page in the Admin area.

help screenshot

Private customers and ActiveLearn subscriptions

We normally do not sell institution subscriptions to individual customers as the subscriptions are not intended, priced, or produced for this kind of use, but in certain circumstances we may make an exception to this rule. Contact our support team to see if we can help you.