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The Maths Factor

The Maths Factor is an online maths practice service that has been helping children unlock their maths confidence since 2010. It is suitable for children as young as 4, all the way through to 11 year olds preparing for Secondary School.




How does it work?

A daily session

Each session begins with a short video from Carol Vorderman explaining a mathematical concept to your child. Then there's a fun warm up and then a practice.

Maths games

Then if your child wishes they can go and play the online maths games, allowing them to have fun whilst still practicing their maths skills.


The 30-Day Challenge proves to be the most popular way to motivate children. If they do a practice session every day for thirty days, they can win a fun craft medal to print out and make at home! There are ten medals and two trophies to make. There are also Leaderboards for the competitive child and a Tower of Achievements for them to see at a glance just how much they have achieved during their time with The Maths Factor.

For the parents

You will receive regular report cards via email to let you know how well your child is doing. There are also videos from Carol of tips and tricks to use with your child.

Find out more

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Series includes:

Maths Sessions and videos for 4-11 year olds



Reporting and guidance for parents

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