Edexcel AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics (2017)

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Our new Edexcel AS and A level Maths and Further Maths resources retain all the features you know and trust about the current series, whilst being fully updated to match the new specifications.


Our textbooks are the only resources that match the new Edexcel exam structure, with separate Pure and Applied textbooks for AS and A level Maths, and a textbook per option for AS and A level Further Maths - all fully integrated with Edexcel's interactive scheme of work.

  • More exam practice - at least 50% more skills, problem-solving and exam-style questions than any other A level Maths textbooks*
  • More FREE content to support independent learning, including SolutionBank worked solutions for every question in the textbooks, GeoGebra interactives enabling students to visualise problems, and Casio tutorials to support with the new calculator requirements.
  • Fully updated to match the new specifications, with more of a focus on problem-solving and modelling as well as supporting the large data set and new calculators.
  • Retains all the features that you know and trust, including worked examples with guidance, lots of exam-style questions, practice papers, and plenty of mixed and review exercises.
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Series includes:

4×   AS/A level Mathematics Textbooks + e-books

10×  AS/A level Further Mathematics Textbooks + e-books


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