Pearson Revise Catch-Up Packs for GCSE

Get back on track on your GCSE English, maths and science!

Our Catch-Up GCSE Packs take a pragmatic and straightforward approach to help you catch-up for core GCSE subjects. Designed to help learners work independently or in-class, with or without tutor/teacher guidance to cover essential specification content.

Includes our existing revision guides and workbooks with a free diagnostic test and planning booklet

Catch-Up Packs include a Pearson Revise Revision Guide and Workbook with a diagnostic test to help you quickly and easily identify skills and topics you need to cover:

  • Pearson Revise Revision Guides provide clear, concise reminders of the essential facts and key skills for all the Pearson Edexcel GCSE topics.
  • Pearson Revise Workbooks offer guided support, hints and practice questions to allow you to work independently and build confidence.
  • Straightforward and easy-to-mark diagnostic tests will allow learners to quickly identify the skills and topics they need to work on.
  • With a custom catch-up plan to help you plan revision and get back on track quickly.
  • And a matching chart to find the relevant topics to revise in the Revision Guide and Workbook.

You can also download the free booklet with diagnostic test, planner and matching chart, to use with revision guides and workbooks for English here, Maths Foundation here, Maths Higher here, Science Foundation here and, Science Higher here.

We’ve also matched content to the Pearson Edexcel schemes of work so learners can quickly find the material they missed with at-a-glance topic lists for schools using the two and three-year schemes of work.

Why Pearson Revise Revision Guides and Workbooks?

Pearson Revise is the revision series for Pearson Edexcel from Pearson. Matched to the exam specifications and reviewed by Pearson Edexcel to provide the best possible support for revision and exam practice.

The one-topic-per-page format helps you focus your catch-up revision where it is most needed.

Perfect for independent study, catch-up homework, efficient in-class revision or work with tutors. You can buy now for catch up and use for revision later in the year.