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We’re sponsoring this year’s Reading Challenges!

At Pearson, we believe every learner should be equipped with the tools they need to express their ideas and imagination creatively and confidently, in order to become whoever they choose to be.

We recognise the importance of inspiring a love of reading for pleasure, and we're delighted to be sponsoring this year's Summer and Teacher Reading Challenges again. 

Why not look at some of our resources that celebrate reading and writing for pleasure?

My Twist on a Tale

My Twist on a Tale is our writing competition encouraging 4–19-year-olds to get creative, and write about topics that matter to them, around our yearly themes! The winning stories and poems ranged from earthlings zipping around on hoverboards and cyborg dogs to a space version of Romeo and Juliet and the need for new laws to keep people safe. The audio versions of each winning story are now available too!

Our Lit in Colour partnership

Together with Penguin Random House UK and The Runnymede Trust, we want to highlight the importance of a diverse English Literature curriculum. It's essential that students across the UK are given access to books by Black, Asian and minority ethnic writers and those from a range of backgrounds.

To help in achieving this mission, we've introduced the Lit in Colour Pioneers programme.

The second window for our Lit in Colour Pioneers 2022 programme is now open!


Lit in colour for the Reading challenge

Explore our engaging Reading for pleasure blogs

Reading for pleasure has lifelong benefits for all ages, why not check out some of our blogs that focus on the life-changing potential of reading for pleasure?

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