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Rapid Writing is a different approach to writing catch-up. Ideal for use with small groups or for one-to-one support, it's perfect for helping close the attainment gap in writing. Created by expert authors, you can be reassured that the progression is spot on and will help children succeed across the whole curriculum.

"One of the really wonderful things about Rapid Writing is that the materials are so motivational. They are very fun...very bright...laid out beautifully, they give children opportunities to have a practice before they do the real thing." – Linda Christiansen, SENCO, Wantage Primary School

Level Descriptors

Rapid Writing is designed to support children aged 7–11 years who are working within National Curriculum levels P8 to 3C. You can review the Rapid Writing Levels and how they correspond to the Rapid Reading Stages in the descriptors guide which is part of every Teaching Guide. You will also find descriptors to help progression and assessment.

Writing logs (Pupil Books)

The Rapid Writing materials are designed to be used with small groups of children during a 30-minute guided writing session. Each session is based around one writing Log page. The page is bright and enticing, and provides a scaffold for children’s writing.

Key features:

  • Handwriting – An opportunity for pupils to practise key letters and letter joins.
  • Spelling/Phonics – Short activities that practise the key words used in the main writing session.
  • High-interest stories and contexts – The pages cover a range of genres to develop children’s awareness of different types of texts. The characters and contexts are chosen to appeal to older children, using humour and amazing facts to stimulate their own ideas. One double-page spread in the writing log provides the scaffold for two guided writing sessions.
  • Striking artwork and design – A ready-made context with a clear focus – helps children concentrate on what they want to say, and is guaranteed to appeal to the older struggling writer.
  • Text boxes – Small boxes of text prevent the writing task from seeming daunting.
  • Self-assessment ‘thumbs’ The ‘thumbs’ at the bottom of each writing log page are designed for children to show, at a glance, how confident they felt in completing the writing activities.
  • Joke – The joke at the bottom of each page is a fun way to round off a successful writing session!

Teacher Guides

Every unit in Rapid Writing follows the same format. During the 30-minute session, children practise all the elements of the writing process, from handwriting and spelling to constructing and punctuating sentences, and ensuring that their sentences link for continuity. They will be rehearsing all the skills necessary for creating an extended piece of writing when back in the classroom.

The teaching guide includes step-by-step lesson plans, which can be used together with the Rapid Writing pupil workbooks.

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