Teacher Partner Programme

At Pearson, we’re continuously building new and improved products and services to meet the changing needs of our customers. 

All of our products and services are developed along with our educational experts, and have the rigour and attention to detail that we know customers expect of us.

We also recognise that these products need to work in the real world - our customers are using our products each and every day to support their own best practice.

What we do

Our unique Teacher Partner Programme allows us to work alongside teachers and students to ensure that our resources really do deliver what is needed - we listen, co-create, and improve with you.

We do this because, whilst we have the very best of educational minds and experiences building our high quality products, we know that they need to work for you.


Expert insight 

Our customers are the experts and we invite them to partner with us over time, to help us identify how we can make things even better, to make sure that our resources add real value, are easy to use and are designed for your classrooms.

A headteacher, maths specialist, and Pearson customer/teacher partner said: “Being part of the Teacher Partner Programme with Pearson has really made me feel valued as a teacher, they listen to all of the small but important things we need, and let us know how our ideas have been incorporated. The programme enables us to see new ideas at their very early stages, and to make a real contribution to the finished product.”