Teaching for Maths Mastery

What is Maths Mastery?

The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) is working with maths experts across the country to develop a consistent understanding of the key principles behind maths mastery. At its core, a mastery approach has the idea that all children can do maths! It recognises that by nurturing positive attitudes and building confidence in mathematics, all children can achieve the best results.

Why choose our Maths Mastery resources?

Our market-leading Primary Maths resources are Power Maths, Maths Flex and School Jam. You can buy these resources as part of our maths mastery digital packages to:

  • encourage pupils to succeed in maths and meet national education standards
  • close attainment gaps and ensure high attainers are stretched
  • reduce your workload
  • save the budget.

How do they do this?

Our whole-class mastery programme, alongside Reception, KS1 and KS2 maths practice, is:

1. Designed for whole-class teaching that allows all children to master key learning and higher attainers to go into more depth. Power Maths helps to reduce a wide attainment spread and contains advice for managing this, along with useful webinars from the authors. Maths Flex identifies your learners’ strengths and weaknesses.

2. Aligned to the White Rose Maths small steps – week-by-week, the Power Maths units and School Jam/Maths Flex practice match up to consolidate learning for children.

3. Consist of the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract (CPA) approach across the package supports children to improve in Maths Mastery.

4. Reduce teachers' workload. Power Maths takes a structured approach, and Maths Flex automatically sets work depending on pupils' strengths and their areas to improve. Plus, it's auto-marked and provides you with both whole-class and individual insights.

5. Cost-effective solution – save up to £536 a year with this package vs buying the components separately. School Jam is included completely FREE!

Start benefiting from our Maths Mastery Digital Packages today!

We’ve been recently reviewed by Teach Primary

‘Pearson has created a bundle of digital resources that could seriously reduce the headache-count for primary teachers. The range of materials is breathtaking, from planning and professional development to online pupil practice books and digital teaching tools and games. It is consistent with the concrete, pictorial, abstract (CPA) approach and, because it has been created by White Rose Maths authors, you get the sense that teachers would not have to look anywhere else.’  👉 Read more

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Maths Mastery Digital Package FAQs

We will apply the value of your remaining subscription as a discount to your new bundle.

Yes, this is not a problem – you will be able to upgrade whenever you like. You’ll just need to get in contact with us if you decide you would like to do this.  

You can buy the Power Maths print resources here. If you would like to purchase one of our Maths Mastery packages and Power Maths print resources at the same time, you can add both to your basket before checkout. 

You can also buy online practice book and individual key stage subscriptions for Power Maths, and progress tests too. You can do this here.

Schools outside the UK can buy the international edition of Power Maths from Pearson International Schools. See how much it will cost.

We don't currently offer an international version of Maths Flex or School Jam.

Because Maths Flex has been designed with our AI partner, Century Tech, we follow their tiered pricing structure.

Power Maths follows our Pearson standard sizing which is fewer than 150 pupils for a small school, and 151 or more pupils for a large school.  

Yes you can! If you can choose to invest in Power Maths and School Jam, School Jam will be an extra £45 on top of your Power Maths price. The benefit of purchasing Power Maths and Maths Flex is that you then get School Jam included free of charge.

We recommend investing in our Essential Maths Mastery Digital Package so you can use Power Maths as your whole-school scheme, School Jam as your Reception and KS1 practice, and Maths Flex as your KS2 practice.

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