REVISE 11+ Maths Assessment Book

Supportive resources for the 11+ journey


Our revision resources are the smart choice for 11+ Maths preparation. This Assessment Book:

  • Provides realistic exam practice so that learners can apply their skills.
  • Promotes independence with comprehensively demonstrated answers.
  • Prepares for 11+ exams by offering the volume of practice that tutors and teachers recommend.

Preparation is more than this Assessment Book!

The REVISE 11+ series supports learners at every step of the journey. All titles in the series are fully integrated and work together to provide the best support for the 11+.

  • Introduce key skills with the REVISE 11+ Maths Practice Book 1.
  • Take the next step with REVISE 11+ Maths Practice Book 2.
  • Consolidate learning with the REVISE 11+ Maths Ten-Minute Tests.
Part of REVISE 11+

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Production date:October 2018