English SATs 3-Step Test Booster Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: York Notes for KS2

Maximise potential and boost confidence with York Notes – the experts in English.


Build up to better results

With its flexible and progressive approach, this unique 3-Step Test Booster book is the ultimate way to help children test their grammar, punctuation and spelling skills whilst efficiently and effectively preparing them for the official tests.

Practise and prepare for SATs success

Fast 10-minute tests will help children get to grips with SATs-style questions. As they advance to the more challenging 20- and 30-minute tests they’ll quickly begin to build their stamina and feel pride in their progress as they get plenty of practise putting their grammar, punctuation and spelling to the test.

Boost skills and confidence

Children can mark and track their achievements throughout using the expert answer key and feedback notes to identify their weaknesses and build on their strengths. As they work step-by-step through each test they’ll finish feeling confident, prepared and ready to sit their KS2 English SATs.

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Production date:February 2018